Cool Kids Cooking Cooking Tips    
- 1. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before cooking.

2. Check all the listed ingredients - get them out ready to start cooking.

3. Wash all vegetables and fruit before you use them

4. Make sure you have all the right sized pans, baking tins and other containers needed.

5.Set the oven to the required temperature and preheat

6. Get a grown up to help you with tricky recipes involving sharp knives and hot surfaces.

7. Always wear oven gloves when using hot pans, baking trays.

8. Clean utensils and scrub cutting boards after use. Use a different cutting board for raw and cooked food.

9. Taste food before you add any salt - it may not need it.

10. Experiment with different herbs and spices, these make food delicious without the flavour of fat and salt


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